Q: Can I submit a demo to Encorpera?

A: We are currently not accepting demos at the moment.

Q: I’m with the press, how can I inquire?

A: All press inquiries can be sent to contact@encorper.org

Q: I want to collaborate with one or more of your artists on a project, how do I contact them?

A: Any booking or project inquiries can be sent to contact@encorpera.org

Q: How do I get my music onto 1XE?

A: We actively look for new artists and listen to a lot of music all the time. As long as your music is out there, we may find it one day. Due to our influx of messages, please do not send songs for us to play or bands to look into unless you’ve been contacted.

Q: Do you have any job openings or internships available?

A: We do not have any openings of either at this time.

Q: Where can I buy/listen to your music/radio station?

A: We are available on most streaming services and online music stores. Our station is available on multiple internet radio broadcasting apps and sites, as well as our website.